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What's Your Corporate Story?

Corporate Stories is a journalistic marketing agency that creates factual, newsworthy, actionable content for industrial, technology and financial services companies.

For example, check out this recruiting piece we created for Ajax Metal Forming Solutions of Minneapolis.  Give a look.

  • We believe today’s media solutions can provide a really good bang for the buck.

  • We believe B-to-B purchasing managers and engineers shop for vendors using their phones and computers just like consumers do.

  • We believe that while B-to-B buyers are open to new ideas, they expect you to make your selling points with minimal copywriting clutter.

Do you know how to use modern media effectively? Why not let us help? We’re good at this stuff:

Video Production

Video can make even small companies look huge.  And with today’s compact 4K production equipment and powerful editing software, we can create more exciting clips than you can imagine for a lot less dough.


News Stories

Get your company in the news in a positive way.  Newspapers and magazines are hungry for good editorial. So let’s give it to ’em.  But there’s a right way and a wrong way to approach editors.  Ask us about this.

Print Production

Print communications didn’t go away as predicted, did they?  Brochures, newsletters and sell sheets are still important and they can really work to bring in business.  Today’s digital printing makes short print runs more economical.

Web Sites

We started out building web sites in the mid 90’s and we haven’t stopped.  We know the tricks that can improve your Internet presence and pull more customers from mobile devices.

Event Marketing

Events rock.  Lots and lots of prospects meandering in the aisle.  Let’s go get ’em using cool exhibits, awesome video, and great big graphics.  Or you could sit behind a banquet table full and look bored.


Three things:  1) Fishing with a net beats fishing with a hook, 2) stage fright can be overcome, and 3) there are few things in this world that can rival applause.  We actually have a public speaking trophy to show off.  Let us help with your next presentation.

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